Pools constructed on hobby pool stone system

The advantages of a pool made out of styrofoam balls

The stones (balls) that constitute the system are made of isolated expanded styropor (expanded polystyrene), that can easily be cut with a knife or a saw. Constructive elements such as the skimmer, the admission nozzle, underwater lights or counter installations can adequately be fitted. The system balls (stones) are mended on top of a reinforced concrete slab, then reinforced with steel and filled up with concrete. The wall and the bottom of the pool have a geotextile strip applied on top, similar to a crash (protective fabric). A plastic beam is mounted on the edge of the pool for the mere hanging of clothing.


Approximately 80% of the heat is lost on the surface of water. Even so, insulating the walls of the swimming pool is highly recommended. Using the Achensee stone system, the water in the pool is heated quickly at the beginning of the season and the swimming season is extended until late summer. In this way, with the styropor stone system, the existing solar heat is used to heat the pool up. Subsequently, covering up the swimming pool and eventually sun-heating it up, you will end up with a perfectly insulated swimming pool and hereby you will extend the pleasure of bathing long after the normal bathing season.

The elastic walls of the pool

This feature of the pool’s walls does not permit the pool itself or the coating of the pool be affected by temperature tension – frost. The pool’s walls won’t be breaking or cracking as the Achensee system stones absorb the tension.

Shaping and restyling

The Achensee system stones can be styled very easily processed and restyled. They are made of highly compacted styropor and can be cut with a knife or a saw every 0,25 m. The embedded elements such as the skimmer, the admission nozzles, the counter installation and the underwater lights can be precisely fitted with no issues. Thanks to this flexibility feature the pol can be shaped and styled to suit personal taste.


  1. Due to the high density of Achensee system stone material, the level of surface damage is diminished. Also increase the safety of the stone concrete filling.
  2. Due to the large stone height of 30 cm, there is the building depth of 150 cm and instead of the 6 common lines, only 5 rows will be built. The result will be fewer bridges and therefore a high static load.
  3. The groove system – spring on the narrow stone part, stones can be used interchangeably Power System-S
  4. Due to the cutter marks, both the inner side and the outer stone of Styrofoam, can be easily and precisely cut every 0.25.

Power-S Radiustein (radial stone)

Power-s radial stone can build any shape of pool, a semi-oval or oval one.

Appropriate sliding elements of the Achensee radial stones can be combined easily .This system ensures quick and easy manufacture of the arch.

All Achensee kits are equipped with several accessories.

They contain, for example, Infinity filtration plant, embedded parts, a stainless steel ladder or GFK ladder. The package included a new kit of pre-assembly plant in counter.

The new set of universal pre-assembly is suitable for the installation of four different swimming in counter Power Swim, smart BADU Jet, BADU Jet wave, BADU Jet vogue.

The customer can then decide which of the four swimming facilities in counter will prefer.

StyroFoam Pools

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