Quality and not only

We process exclusively high quality pipes of renowned manufacturers. Based on our long experience in liner processing as well as our high technical level, we guarantee the manufacture of floor and roof elements ready cut, that meet your expectations. We guarantee a maximum matching Quality and not only

Frost resistant

The water liners have been found to be especially suitable for outdoor pools because of the material properties. Due to residual elastic material, even when subjected to negative temperatures large pools there is no danger of damage due to frost.


One of the biggest advantages of a basin with liner is the possibility of individual structure. It can take various forms wells and the elastic sheet guarantees 100% tightness. The liner can always be changed or replaced with another colour.

Variety of colours

Get your pool liner of different colours and adapt it, so it will look accordingly with the environment. From the physiological point of view, your health is important to us! For this reason, our pools liner are checked continuously and even meet European Toy Safety Standard EN 71 Part 3 children (migration of heavy metals). The limit values are not only respected, but it should be noted below the limit.

KSW tested

Hobby pool swimming pools liners are suitable even for pubic bathrooms according KSW.

CE Certification

Liners, as insulation, are subject to mandatory CE marking.. Disposal of these products is not permitted without the CE. Therefore watch CE on our liners.

Nano liner

The nature is an example of the modification of effective surface properties. For instance the plants are protecting themselves from the weather, forming a very thin layer, resistant and dirt repelling. Our Nano liner transfers the property in a unique way to liner pools.

Made in Germany


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